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Who is Green Planet Sport?

Hi, I'm Annabel.  I'm a thinker, a connector, an action enabler.

My lived experiences are many and varied, I seek to connect my work and experiences so that I can positively impact our planets future, the future of all its living ecosystems and species + its places and spaces.    

I believe we all have agency to be solution finders and actors in our collective future,


Not only do I work towards regenerative practices professionally, I spend time living this, regenerating the landscape my family and I call home. As each of the 2300 plants grows and puts down roots it deepens my connection with nature and to its systems.


I work with sport because it is my other world, I know it, love and have always worked in the world of sport, is my world to have agency in.

Every person will be impacted by climate change, every action in this space is an opportunity and if we all make opportunity a part of our everyday actions at work, home and at play we might just win this race.

Welcome to Green Planet Sport and Regenerative Sport Practice.



Green Planet Sport #greenplanetsport

Green Arm Bands for Climate Action #greenarmbandsforclimateaction 


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