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NATURE regeneration projects; projects with purpose

Our Passion. Projects that play for out planet and build our resilience

Internationally a growing number of sports federations, events, athletes and partners have embraced purpose driven environmental, social and infrastructure projects, leading the way to a future where sport and the environment can thrive.


Nature regeneration projects are an exciting step on your regenerative sport and climate positive partnerships journey.  A nature regeneration project gives you an opportunity to be brave, ambitious, innovative, collaborative and just.


Green Planet Sport can support sports to create nature regenerative purpose projects by

  • Mapping and connecting your sport to landscapes and species

  • Connecting you to landscape restoration and conservation projects where there is a natural fit with your organisation

  •  Ideating and supporting partnership development that align with the values and strategy of both organisations and engages the hearts and minds of both communities.

  • Create funding mechansims for projects to ensure longevity and sustained legacy.

  • Map the project to the Sports For Nature Framework and Sports for Climate Action Framework.


Nature regeneration projects feed the soul, heal our planet and are very good for business.

In 2004/25 Green Planet Sport will be working with partners from around Australia and around the globe to provide regenerative pactice workshops. These workshops will focus on activations that lead to Nature Positive outcomes. We are also building a pilot project - if you would like to get invovled please reach out,

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Purpose Projects: Welcome
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