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A World of Sport for a World of Change

Regenerative Sport Creation & Climate Positive Partnership Building

Climate disruption is challenging the resilience of sport and impacting the safe and equitable delivery of the games we love to play. With every degree of warming natural, social and economic ecosystems are stretched.

​Green Planet Sport believes in a better climate future. A future where warming stays below 1.5 degrees Celsius, where healthy environments and connected communities provide a foundation for the natural world and the sports world to thrive.

​We are helping achieve this climate future by supporting sports to become regenerative and build partnerships that have climate positive outcomes for the health of people and the planet.

To be regenerative is to place life at the center of decision making. To reduce negative pressure on nature and actively protect and restore our planets resources and biodiversity in a fair and just way.


Regenerative sport breaks down the silos of sports business. Its strategic focus is on the opportunity that meaningful action on the triple planetary crisis presents. Opportunity within the natural, social and economic ecosystems that sport aspires to operate in and depends on.  Aiming to put more resources into the world than is taken out.


Regenerative sports acknowledge and adopt or work within and are guided by the context of frameworks such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030, Sports for Climate Action Framework and Race to Zero Targets, the Sports for Nature Framework, the rebooted Planetary Boundaries and Donut Economic principles. 

Climate positive partnerships are those that have a shared interest in business, people and planet, respecting the natural, social and economic systems that support them. You can find these partnerships everywhere, with major sponsors, stationary suppliers, builders, baristas, ball makers, turf suppliers, caterers, power companies, banks, super funds, farmers, employees, players, coaches, fans, and with the eocsystem restoration community who work to restore and heal our land, air, water and oceans. Climate Positive partnership development sets out our expectations and values for things like procurement and delivery, waste mangement and nature protection and repair,  

Sports who engage in this work and communicate it well are part of an increasing ripple effect that supports business, people and the biodiversity of places of play all over the world. 

​We understand that every sport is at a different point in their regenerative sport journey. We know how overwhelming and seemingly endless the scope of work can appear to sports wanting to take real and meaningful climate action.

​We can help you build literacy and capabilities (to know so that you can do), to build projects with purpose that are values aligned and connect with other industry experts to deliver regenerative, climate positive outcomes for your sport and our planet now and well into the future. We have a focus on nature based purpose projects and can build large scale activations for your sport and for the sports and entertainment industry. These projects can also be supported by other industries.

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