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Green Sport : How to be Environmentally Sustainable this Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Of the top 25 most viewed television events world wide 24 are sports events and 15 of these are Olympic Games. 3.6 billion people viewed events of the Rio Olympic Games in 2016. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) expects close to 4 billion people to engage with the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympics.

Imagine if 4 billion people did one thing to support the health of our planet. That’s a whole lot of #sportpositive #climateaction.

Here are some actions you can take.

· When streaming coverage on your phone or iPad recommends selecting Standard Definition (SD) at 480p instead of High Definition (HD) at 1080p. You won’t notice any change in video quality on a small screen and it reduces your personal digital carbon footprint. Choose #earthdefintion #streamresponsiblity.

· Support athletes who support the environment. Follow them on social media, share their stories. Medallist or not they are champions for the planet and for the future of sports smallest fans, our children. You can find Australian athlete ambassadors for climate action at and Look out for #TeamGB who have launched a movement for climate change at #oly_earth. Here's a shout out to Australian Olympic athletes who will be competing in #Tokyo and are speaking up for the environment Rhydian Cowley (Race Walking) @rhydianc, Jemima Montag (Race Walking), Bronte Campbell (Swimming) @Bronte_Campbell.

· Purchase responsibly as an Olympic and Paralympic fan. If you love to wave a flag check out the op-shop before you buy something new. Cater with fresh local food (the food of athletes) that is #plasticfree when you sit down to watch the opening ceremonies. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has committed all Games will be climate positive from 2030. #Paris2024 has committed to being climate neutral already. Lets all win the #racetozero.

· Plant a tree for sport and the planet. Rally your club, friends, workplace and family to plant a tree (or trees) when your favourite athlete or team competes, when they make a final or win a medal. The IOC is planting an Olympic Forest in Mali and Senegal as part of its climate positive strategy with partner Tree Aid. You can plant a tree through donation platforms like, and Or get out there and plant a tree at home or, if you don’t have space get in touch with your local Landcare and see if you or your club could get involved with a planting day. Contact Green Planet Sport to find out more about 32 Million Trees a project dreaming big to plant 32 million trees by 2032 with you, the world of sport.

Remember every effort counts for #teamplanet. Shout out your #planetsavingplay on social media, in your conversations at work, with friends and family.

Need more ideas? Contact me at or follow me @a_bella_life.

A summary of this article was published in the The New Woodend Star, Vol. 25, Issue 7, August 2021, Rotary. Submitted by : Annabel Sides Lead - Green Sport Action - Cool Changes 3442 - MRSC Woodend Region Climate Change Action Plan

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