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Green Sport : Is there a blueprint for environmentally sustainable sports?

Claire Poole from believes there are 5 things that clubs who are environmentally sustainable do;

1. Get buy in from the top. Your Board or Committee agrees to act on environmental issues. “Sport first and sustainability everywhere” Anne-Cecile Turner, sustainability director @TheOceanRace

2. Have an environmental sustainability strategy or policy in place across the entire organisation. Check out Birmingham County Football Associations brand new program called #SaveTodayPlayTomorrow.

3. Measure, monitor and report on impact. For example, how much plastic waste do you produce? How can you reduce it, can you become a zero single use plastic club? Have you reduced it? Celebrate!

4. Make external commitments for accountability. Become a member of Sports Environment Alliance Australia #SEA_theChange, declare a climate emergency, sign up to the United Nations Sports For Climate Action Framework.

5. Engage and educate your members, players and sponsors. For example can you get everyone at the club enthused about planting trees by setting up a fundraiser with check out their sports page. Write an article for your website and the local paper. Essendon Football Club has partnered with the House of Marley and One Tree Planted . In the 2021 home and away season The House of Marley will plant 5 trees for every match mark taken by Essendon FC. Be part of United Nations Decade of Ecological Restoration #generationrestoration.

You can hear more from Claire Poole at SportsWorks and at The Sustainability Report.

Remember every effort by your team counts for team planet, the most important thing is to be in the game #greenplanetsport.

Need more ideas? Contact me at or follow me @a_bella_life

A summary of this article was published in the The New Woodend Star, Vol. 25, Issue 7, August 2021, Rotary. Submitted by : Annabel Sides Lead - Green Sport Action - Cool Changes 3442 - MRSC Woodend Region Climate Change Action Plan

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