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Raising awareness of Sport + A Better Climate Future in local communities.

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

There are billions of us who play sport.

Raising awareness of climate change and social issues is what I aspire to do. Even more, I aspire to make acting on climate change and social issues simple, everyday and "normal". Communicating the big, new and innovative as what we expect and do today and everyday, not to do or wait for until tomorrow

Often to create change we think big, everyone, all at once, everywhere. Big campaigns, big slogans, big media. It's awesome, I love it. However it is not everyone's sphere of influence. So, what about flipping this for a minute and thinking small, local and everyday.

What if all of us who want to see sport act on climate change and social issues wrote an article for our club newsletter, local paper, school or supermarket pin board? (as well as broadcast it on national news, socials, as you ride the boundary line or speak to a nation) Why?

Because even if you don't listen to every news bulletin or watch every code of sport, you probably read your club or school newsletter every week. Why?

Because the information impacts your everyday life. For me these publications keep me up to date with what I need to do, where I need to be and what is expected of me when I am there.

I have made a commitment to write a "Green Sport" article for my local Rotary Club magazine every month for 12 months. I'm up to number 10. Articles are around 250 words. Topics so far include:

Green Sport and the Emu Bob

Biodiversity for Green Sports

Water is Our World

Kicking Goals to Reduce Plastic

Save Your Mascot

How to be Environmentally Sustainable this Olympic and Paralympic Games.

What's Your Future Healthy?

Sport @ COP26

The New Joneses of Sport

What Makes an Environmentally Sustainable Club?

Sport + Icypoles

So if you write globally, write locally every now and then. You might just change your neighbours life.

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