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Victoria 2022-2026 + A Climate Savvy Blueprint for Community Sport

Active Victroia 2022-2026, a strategic framework for sport and active recreation Recognition of the climate change and sport connect as a government strategic imperitive. 🏅💚🏟️ The Victorian Government on the 28/7/22 released a new blueprint for the future of Victorian community sport. It is articulate in recognising many connections, including, between: - climate change and risk for sport - policy and funding to support climate change adaptation and mitigation by design - ministerial portfolios aligning to achieve outcomes - economic impacts of climate change on sector and community resilience - climate change and particpation - design of infrastructure and program delivery key to climate change mitigation and adaptation - infrastructure design as a legacy for equitable participation opportunities in the face of climate change - regions require specific adaptations Victoria2026 presents opportunities, supported by strategy like this, to support climate vulnerable regions and deliver accross a variety of legacy areas - Infrastructure - Participation - Economic growth and post COVID stimulus - High performance - Sport for development - Integrity - Diversity, equity, inclusion, and reconciliation AND - Climate action and connection to nature Good strategy provides a platform that supports best practice. Good activation of strategy in a sport and climate change context allows communities to design for resilience that will help keep more people more active more often. How? by adapting and mitigating in a integrated and regenerative loop. We know climate change inaction creates a snowball realisation of risk profiles in communites. ( The more climate disruption that is experienced the less capable and nimble those communites become and it is those who already experience disadvantage that are impacted first and most. This reduces access to sport and phsyical activity + the physical, mental and social connection benefits it provides. That is why adapting our sport and recreation infrastructure in the right ways will also support mitigation. So Victoria, lets work to activate and keep government accountable to this strategy accross portfolios. Lets plan for capitilising on the inspiration of sport in our decade of mega events, to create engagement not just on the field but accross communities to build a legacy of innovation to win the climate race! So excited that this is happening. Not perfect, but so much progress and will be much to learn from Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games 🙏🏻 Sport and Recreation Victoria 🌏 #regenerativesport #greensports #communitysport #greenplanetsport #climatedisruption #designforchange #climateaction #sustainablesport #equity #aracewearegoingtowin #regionalsport #victoria2026 Commonwealth Games Australia #victoriatheplacetobe

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